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Top 8 Kajabi Features Essential To Improve Your Online Course as a Creator

Course Marketing

Kajabi is a robust and powerful platform that allows you to easily create, maintain, and share digital courses for businesses and individual users. It has an impressive range of features including analytics reports, interactive quizzes, and detailed resources to help you plan your course better and customize it to meet the needs of your audience.

With Kajabi's templates, you can always have a strong foothold on generating flawless digital products and quickly releasing them to the market. There are no technical requirements, and no need to bother about coding, programming, or designing. It's also a great way for course creators to track what their students need.

In this article, I will share 8 key Kajabi features for course creators. Ready? Let’s get started.


Your brand requires an online presence. Kajabi makes it simple to build a website that integrates everything in your company by displaying your products, posting your content, and incorporating all of those tedious but essential terms and conditions. It includes a robust and completely integrated website builder that combines all aspects of your online business in one location.
You can select from a collection of stunning, ready-made templates using the integrated website builder. It's completely customisable, and you can make it uniquely yours. There is no need for designers, and there is no need to waste time and money looking for the "ideal" website. You can see more Kajabi sample websites here.


Kajabi University can teach you how to expand your business. You'll have a variety of resources developed exclusively to boost your confidence and help you prosper. It includes over 350 FREE training videos, professional guidance, downloadable tools and Kajabi Edge Podcast.

These tools are jam-packed with instructional content that will help you succeed faster, and you can study them at your own speed. It includes popular subjects such as Website Building, Courses, Memberships, Marketing, and List Building.


Fast insights equal faster growth, and data alone isn't sufficient to propel your business forward. Kajabi provides the appropriate metrics, packaged in web analytics dashboards that you will actually utilize. Without comparing numbers from one tab to the next, you can get the most significant data and analyze your revenue, subscription stats, offers sold, and more.

Kajabi's detailed data on students ’ progress, subscription churn rate, and other metrics will assist you in identifying areas where your offerings can be strengthened. You can easily see which pages and websites are working well and where there are opportunities with comprehensive, efficient information for your website and pages.

With a few adjustments, you can achieve increased lifetime customer value and strong reviews. You could optimize page performance and eliminate assumptions by converting a mediocre page into a high-converting robotic sales machine.


The visual editor in Kajabi allows you to create and personalize appealing emails that include videos, countdown clocks, and other features. You can design email campaigns that are appealing and sound professional. With gorgeous layouts to choose from and automatic subject line validation, you'll never have to question if it's ready to be delivered. You will have access to free sales email generator.

You may also use it to execute one-time email blasts or to automate multi-touch sequences according to customer behaviour. You save time and money with templates for every type of email your business requires, whether you're delivering an event announcement, a product presentation, or whatever you can imagine.

Kajabi's visual editor makes it simple to modify and preview emails, allowing you to publish them with ease. Rich content elements like countdown timers, multimedia, and customisation can help your emails be noteworthy.


Minimize both money and time by using simplified landing page templates for the most frequent page types: lead generation, capture, sales, policy, and numerous others. You can create the structure and build your entirely personalised landing pages with just a few clicks.

Kajabi's designs are creative and adaptable. You could customize every page aspect, from the general layout to the contents of each section, until it looks how you want it to on every platform and device. Even if you aren't technically savvy, the intuitive landing page designer makes it simple to add complicated aspects.

Kajabi also makes it simple to link your pages to your automated marketing campaigns, offers, products, emails etc, to improve your customer experience.


With Kajabi's pre-built Funnels, it's simple to streamline and scale. You'll get tried-and-true templates for any occasion. There's no need to be a funnel guru when you've got ready-to-use playbooks that give users all the power without any hassles.

Customizing and launching your ready-made frameworks for product launches, lead generation, or webinar funnels generally takes a few minutes. You can even integrate diverse sales and marketing platforms to create immaculate multi-channel campaigns.

Every Funnel includes pre-written copy generated from the most successful Kajabi Heros' top sales funnels. All you have to do is fill in the spaces and customize them to your heart's delight. With both the framework and copy in place, starting a new funnel is a few clicks away.


With simple rules that you just have to establish once, Kajabi's customer management software lets users trigger emails, promotions, and product access. You can stay organized and on track by maintaining a thorough understanding of the important issues. You can segment, filter, and tag your customers based on whatever criteria you desire.

Kajabi makes it simple to store your contacts in one location and you can transfer them through CSV or manually add them.

Customer analytics, product engagement, behavior tracking, and assessments can be used to better your advertisements, automation, and offerings. You can also add new data fields and map them to the location you choose. You can use your contacts on Kajabi in ways you have never experienced before.


Kajabi’s mobile app makes your products available everywhere, at any time, with just one click. There is no need for you to learn app development, the app allows you to provide your customers with on-the-go connectivity to your products.

Your clients are constantly on their mobile phones, and your products can now be as well. The Kajabi mobile app places your products in their pocket, helping them to maximize the value of their purchase no matter where they are.

The mobile app also removes every hindrance that stands between your customer and completing your online course. Your customers can use the app's "magic link" to gain access without entering a password. The app retains their progress, so they can keep watch and study while on the road.


So there you have it: eight Kajabi features for course creators. The goal of this post has been to make you aware of some of the finer details, the things that can help make your journey as a course creator more efficient and intuitive.

We hope you now feel empowered to make the most of these features, and even go beyond them by taking advantage of others features that Kajabi offers.