Project Terms & Conditions 

Contractor: Just Know How 

  • Due to Spanish law, the invoice you receive will be in Euros and in Spanish. If you need help understanding the invoice, please let me know before making the payment. Please note that any additional transaction fees incurred from paying in Euros will be your responsibility. Should you hire me through the Kajabi Portal, you will receive it only in USD.
  • The Contractor will keep the Client informed about work progress, report on assignment completion, and provide accountability for their methods upon request.
  • If the Contractor anticipates potential inability to fulfil obligations promptly or appropriately, the Client will be notified immediately.
  • The Contractor will work remotely, setting their schedule and work hours. Specific project timings may be agreed upon by both parties.
  • The Contractor does not work on Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays, the other days are her working days.
  • The Contractor replies within 24 hours on working days to questions from the Client.
  • The Contractor can delegate parts or all the assignment to third parties, retaining responsibility without additional costs.
  • This agreement can be terminated or suspended by either party immediately under certain circumstances (bankruptcy, cessation of business, non-compliance, fraud, or death).
  • Non-agreement expenses are non-reimbursable without prior written approval from the Client.
  • Invoices will be sent to the Client, adhering to legal requirements and to be paid within 14 days unless stated different on the invoice.
  • The Contractor will maintain the confidentiality of all information received from the Client, unless legally required to disclose or if the information is already public.
  • The Contractor will handle the Client's property with care. All Client property will be returned upon completion of each assignment.
  • The Client retains all intellectual property rights to the provided materials unless otherwise agreed in writing. The Contractor will not duplicate or disclose these without written permission.
  • Contractor liability is waived if the Client fails to meet any obligation.
  • Liability only covers property damage and direct financial loss.
  • Contractor is not liable for indirect damages or losses beyond their control.
  • Any damage incurred due to the execution of the assignment, not caused by Contractor negligence, must be compensated by the Client.
  • The Contractor cannot guarantee error-free work or financial success of the Client's business based on implemented marketing advice.
  • If the Parties use the online accepting of offer via the Kajabi Expert Platform for the project, they thereby declare that this contract is the original version and that the contract legally binds the Parties.
  • The general terms and conditions, privacy policy and all other important legal pages of the Contractor apply to this agreement, which can be found on the website: 

Important project disclaimer: 

  1. Please note that marketing is not a magic wand yielding instant results; it requires consistent content creation and effort. While I cannot guarantee specific income outcomes, I ensure that all content provided has a strong potential for a good conversion rate. Remember, this isn't a ready-made solution – success demands your active participation and work. From Just Know How, you can expect 100% dedication to the project, and I will share all the essential insights with you for your optimal success.
  2. I craft compelling and engaging copy guaranteed to convert and captivate — that's my promise to you. While I ensure the foundation is strong and the message resonates, the final touch always rests with you. This includes fine-tuning the tone of voice and any additional proofreading to ensure it aligns perfectly with your vision.
  • The Contractor acknowledges that while every effort will be made to ensure the quality of the completed work, absolute error-free outcomes cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the Contractor cannot be held liable for any damages, including but not limited to lost profits, lost savings, or other incidental, consequential, or special damages to the Client or any third party, even if forewarned. 
  • If your contract stipulates that reviews are included for my work, kindly provide feedback either through Loom videos or in written form. Please note that I do not accept feedback or reviews during phone calls
  • Delays caused by third parties, unaffiliated with the Contractor, are beyond the Contractor's control and responsibility.
  • The Contractor provides services intended for commercial use.
  • If your project does not specify any scheduled calls, please be aware that none are included, and all communication will be conducted through written messages, audio recordings, or Loom videos. If you wish to schedule a catch-up call, feel free to request one, but I cannot guarantee availability.
  • The Contractor can use the logo from the Client on her website.
  • The Contractor, being self-employed, assumes all responsibilities related to taxes, invoicing, and administrative duties. The Client holds no liability for these matters. 
  • If the Client alters the Scope of Work or fails to provide necessary material/information promptly, the Contractor reserves the right to adjust the Assignment's due date accordingly.
  • In the event of vacation or illness, the Contractor has the prerogative to delay project delivery dates 
  • If the client falls ill, causing project delays, and it's not a life-threatening illness or one requiring prolonged hospitalization, the contractor cannot guarantee an extension of the project timeline, or a refund of payments already made. Please contact Contractor with your specific case if needed.
  • The Contractor agrees to notify the Client one week in advance of any planned vacation or unavailability. During this period, contractually active hours will be accumulated for completion either before or after the Contractor's absence. In cases where the Client plans to be unavailable, it is their responsibility to negotiate the accumulation of these hours with the Contractor.
  • The Contractor maintains a non-partnership relationship with the Client, having no entitlement to business profits or bearing any responsibility for the Client's business operations.
  • Should any provision of this Agreement be deemed invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will continue to be valid and enforceable. A court's decision to limit a provision to make it valid and enforceable will be honored and applied accordingly.
  • The Contractor commits to uphold confidentiality, refraining from using, divulging, disclosing, or communicating any proprietary information of the Client for personal benefit. This confidentiality agreement remains effective even after the termination of this Agreement. Upon termination, the Contractor will return all relevant records, documents, and other items to the Client, excluding items personally purchased by the Contractor without Client reimbursement 
  • Once the Client has signed the contract, cancellation is not permitted beyond 24 hours after signing.
  • If an invoice remains unpaid for 3+ days beyond the due date without a clear payment plan communicated by the Client, the Contractor reserves the right to withhold services until payment is received. Late payment will not extend the package's usage period. 
  • Invoices unpaid 14+ days past the due date will automatically incur a Late Fee. 
  • Clients based in the USA may request Form W-8BEN-E from the Contractor.

Important remarks:

  • Any typographical, spelling, or grammatical errors in our agreement are unintentional and do not aim to mislead. Please feel free to contact me with any queries or concerns before signing. 
  • The Client acknowledges that Marketing services require time to yield results and should not expect immediate outcomes.
  • If you have a project involving emails or other copywriting, it must be clear that I provide a layout with prompts for you to fill in, or I enhance existing copy. I do not write everything from scratch for you, but I do help you get the best marketing copy.

    All my projects have a specified duration, which I strictly adhere to, and you have agreed upon this timeline. If requested materials are not delivered on time, the project will not be extended. Therefore, it is crucial that you understand this 


By accepting the proposal, both parties acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to all terms and conditions outlined in this contract. Each party confirms that they have had the opportunity to seek independent legal advice prior to signing. Any changes or modifications to this agreement must be made in writing and signed by both parties. This agreement represents the entire understanding between the Contractor and the Client and supersedes all previous communications, negotiations, and agreements.