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Am I Really Ready for a Virtual Assistant?

I understand! It feels like hiring a VA is a huge leap, and in many ways, it is. But let me tell you this: You’re never going to be where you want to be unless you start investing in your business in different ways. Outsourcing is such an important thing in your business! 

Let me share with you a secret:

You can’t do everything alone.


I understand when you’re just starting out you have to wear a lot of hats and outsourcing seems too expensive! But keep this in mind: in order to grow, you have to hire people that were much smarter and more talented in those areas you do not like to do or are just not experienced in! You wear many hats as a business owner, but you do not and should not wear them all!


Can you answer yes to the following questions? 


If you’ve answered “yes” to those questions, you, my friend, are ready to hire a VA

Do you have a viable business idea_
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First things first! Why me?

Yes, you could do it alone and save money...

Nope, it is no science what I do...

Yes, YouTube might have amazing videos to help you...

But.......will that really get your where you want to be? 

I have helped over 50 clients worldwide, launch their online course and mastermind, I know exactly how to make it all aligned with your brand and make it all be fun in the process because we do not want to stress ourselves out!!


Working with me is does not only save you time, but it will also become fun! 

Did you know I was featured on an affiliate page from FOX? 
Read the interview here!

Roadmap when hiring me:

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Let´s talk now in the third person about me, seems to work better:

Stephanie Steggehuis has founded Just Know How to make creators' lives easier, more productive, and profitable. Stephanie has entered Digital Course Academy from Amy Porterfield & Knowledge Broker Blueprint from Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins to understand a course and mastermind creator's mind. She is graduated in Marketing, Communication and Publishing and a Time Management & Organize freak! This all makes it a perfect combination to become THE virtual executive assistant you need and want!

She launched a course and mastermind herself, this means she experienced all the challenges first-hand. Now, her goal is to ensure creators will never have to waste time and effort on seeking the perfect strategy to sell an online course.  Since then, Stephanie has been committed to helping creators save time and making sure they do not miss any steps! Bring your Business ONLINE!

Create and Sell Online Courses

When launching a Course or Mastermind, you need to think about the outline, the name, the promise, the promotion, lead pages, sales pages, keywords, copy, templates, webinars, the course platform......there is so much to do!


Everything is much EASIER when you have an experienced Virtual Assistant helping you! 

Just Know How is your one-stop-solution for.......

  • Building your online course platform (Kajabi, Kartra, Plugins WordPress or Teachable)

  • Creates / edits your website (Wix, Squarespace, WordPress)

  • Marketing Manager ( Social Media Ads, YouTube, Data, Strategies Google Ads, and Copy Ideas)

  • Marketing Communication

  • Creation of funnels, sales pages, registration pages, and automation.

  • Templates for your business (worksheets, webinar sheets, PDF´s )

  • Administration

  • Email Management

  • Optimizing Operations

  • CRM 

My favorite tools:

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Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 20.43.09.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 20.46.43.png
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Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 20.47.24.png
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Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 20.51.31.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 20.49.21.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 20.48.29.png

What are my packages you can apply for? 


What can you in those hours? Well, we can discuss that on our call. Because everyone needs other things and in the end, it depends on your budget and priotities to see which package works best for you, I will happily go into this on our call and we will choose the best one. With all the experience I have, I can tell you with great certainty how many hours we would need.

P.s. Most clients go perfectly with Package UNO or DOS, those are my most sold packages! 

Need something on demand? Buy it here now!



Let me create your workbook for your course. I make them fillable online and the layout will be 100% aligned with your brand!

You only need to deliver the content! 



5 Hours 1-1 Coaching for your 

Course Creation

Free Course Creation Workbook (with questions and tips for you to help create your course)

Going over your Sales Page together

Preparing your Course Launch together

Preparing your Webinar together

I will coach you, you create it!


$150 For 2 WEBINARS

Q&A Support during the webinar (collecting all the questions)


Engaging the attendees in the chat


Technical support for you and the attendees


Putting links in the chat (sales page or any other necessary links)

Price includes 2 webinars support

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Brad - Lets Sync

"Stephanie is a loyal and hard worker. She is well organized and is skilled in many aspects of marketing and event promotion. You can trust her to do her best and she is highly reliable with almost no supervision. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a skilled and hardworking assistant. My highest recommendation."

Catherine - Think or Blue

Stephanie provided support during my live webinars and was fantastic! She knew the software very well, was professional at all times, and very easy to work with. I was very pleased that I chose to hire Stephanie for this work, and would definitely work with her again!

I just recently utilized Stephanie during my course launch. Stephanie is amazing, so organized and creative! She was able to help me bridge all my course launch gaps. She is so supportive and knowledgeable with course launch tactics.

Debbie - Debbie Hawkins Coaching

I had been stuck on a brand and logo for a long time and Stephanie asked all the right questions to helped me conquer this challenge. She was patient and knowledgeable. I'm extremely happy with the end result!

Pepita - Fluks

Enjoyed working with Stephanie very much. She has an eye for detail, is proactive, and you can leave the project management to her. Will definitely work with her again.


"We were very happy to work with Stephanie. She delivered according to what we agreed and give us valuable input on our approach. We definitely recommend working with her for growth hacking activities and lead creation."

Valerie - Valerie Trafton

Stephanie has created on-brand templates for my business to be used across a variety of marketing platforms (social media, blogging, lead magnets, Pinterest, etc.). Stephanie was able to take my brand colors and get a sense of my style through our conversations, and create templates that perfectly capture my brand and are absolutely stunning. She is kind, attentive to detail, organized, and can easily take my thoughts and bring them to life. I have enjoyed working with her and would recommend her services to anyone I know.

Tiffany - Bastian Accounting

Some current and previous clients:

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