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Yes, you can do it alone and save money...

Nope, what I do is not rocket science...

And yes, YouTube has amazing videos to help you as well...

But.......will that really get you where you want to be? 

Since august 2020 I’ve helped clients worldwide launch their online courses and masterminds. I know exactly how to make it all align with your brand and make it be fun in the process. 


Working with Just Know How does not only save you time, but it will also be fun! 

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Am I Really Ready for a Virtual Assistant?

I understand! It feels like hiring a VA is a huge leap, and in many ways, it is. But let me tell you this: You’re never going to be where you want to be unless you start investing in your business in different ways. Outsourcing is so important to your business! Trust me, I learned from it myself also! I have outsourced to become more successful! 

Let me share with you a secret:

You can’t do everything alone.


You have to wear a lot of hats when you’re just starting out and that outsourcing seems too expensive! But keep this in mind: to grow, you have to hire people that are much smarter and more talented in those areas that you don’t like to work or are just not experienced in! You have a lot of hats as a business owner, but you do not and should not wear them all!

Sales Pages | Email Sequences | Course Platforms | Course Marketing | Course Outline | Webinar Op-tin | Lead magnet | Project Management | Advertisement | Workbooks |
Webinar Support | Tips & Tricks

Each day you wake up at the crack of dawn and sit and stare behind your computer screen and promise yourself that today you will finish those modules........... Recognize this?


You look at your hefty to-do list filled with bullet points covering everything from digital marketing to building courses designed to grow your business. You think to yourself, ‘perhaps I should have woken up earlier?’ 

​When dusk hits, you are mentally and emotionally exhausted. Not only did you not manage to get through all your content creation tasks for today, but you also barely touched your Course Plan. ‘How will people support my digital business if they don’t even know about it?’ Your head is filled with similar anxiety-provoking thoughts as you return to bed feeling defeated. You tell yourself tomorrow will be different, but you’ve been saying the same thing for months, and so far, nothing has changed… 

I know how frustrating it can be when one feels forced to choose between growing their business or focusing on digital advertising and working on all the tech due to daily time constraints. I also know how overwhelming it can be to learn how to leverage newer and ever-changing digital solutions that are dropping on the market every other day. Trust me, I’ve been there but the thing is, I love it! 

Expert VA with certificates from:

Work Desk

I present you Just Know How, the Virtual Assistant for Course Creators that does all you need!


These packages are there to help you create everything around your course! Think about your sales page, opt-in pages, webinar funnel, freebies, website, upload your course content etc... I call these the ¨building¨ packages, because that is what I do when you choose these! You create the content, I build and do the tech around you course! 

Sales page creation, Op-tin page creation, Email Sequence connection, Technical integration, Funnels, Video Editing or anything else for your Course creation, I got you!


My experience will allow me to advise you with great certainty the number of hours we would need. 

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Give me some coaching!


Need someone to guide you through the whole process of creating a course? Brainstorm together, plan out everything and much more? 

With my bi-weekly 1:1 coaching calls we do exactly that! 

  • Brainstorm about your course outline + content

  • Decide on the platform, pricing, marketing roadmap

  • Get my success module for online course creation

  • Get access to my client portal and many templates

  • Unlimited messaging on Slack

*There are only limited spots available for the coaching calls


Some of the tools I work daily with...

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Hi there, I’m Stephanie.

It was 1989, a Sunday in October when I decided to come into the world and June 2015 when I was officially graduated in Marketing and Communication, 2018 when I fulfilled the Digital Course Academy and List Building from Amy Porterfield and 2019 when I did the Knowledge Blueprint from Dean Graziosi & Tony Robbins and 2020 when I believed I could help the Course Creators with my Course & Membership knowledge and my expertise in Marketing and....

I did it!!!

I am now a happy owner of a 6 figure business with 3 online courses and a maximum of ten 1:1 clients. I tell you I am the happiest girl in the world!  Just Know How was the first thing I did when I started for myself, helping Course Creators with their Tech & Marketing side of their business and I will always keep doing that aside, I just love it!



Look at these amazing testimonials!

Stephanie has done just about everything for me. She has created my website, including all of the visual and technical aspects of the site.


She has worked on marketing plans with me. She has created and posted social media posts for me. And she has been a general support for me as I have developed my business. There is no way I would have been able to get so far without her.


Stephanie is professional, reliable, highly competent and just plain great at what she does. Especially the visual/graphic design end of things.  I always love what she comes up with for me. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Jessica Fromuth - Owner Whole You Fertility

Image by Samantha Gades

Before you are some facts about me!

I lived for 7 years in Madrid, Spain and started Just Know How in that journey!

I speak Spanish, Dutch and English.

Traveling is something that is a must for me, specially with working online I do it even more!

80% of my clients are located in Noord Amerika, while I am in Europe.

I love the Spanish Wine: Verdejo! 

Thai food is for me the best in the world, especially the Green Curry!

My life is enriched with 2 little dogs:

Mickey & Goofy.

Fast and the Furious are my favorite movies!

Read the goodies!