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HEY, I'M Stephanie

the founder and dreamer behind Just Know How Course Boutique. 

I always wanted my own thing, I knew working for a boss would not be my style...

I had a couple of things I liked: mindset coaching and marketing. Then, in 2018, I learned more about the course industry and was hooked! I knew this was what was going to make me successful in helping course creators. In 2020, I started Just Know How and it has been vibing ever since.

My main goal careerwise was also to help other people and enjoy what I was doing, but most importantly choosing the people I want to work with. Because I want happy people around me!


At school, I was never the popular one; I was always different. Teachers called me bossy, simply because I knew what I wanted and didn't want (#entrepreneur habits). I was always more mature for my age and strongly disliked things that wasted my time. 

I had some amazing side jobs while studying, but also noticed very quickly I was always looking for how I would improve things if it was my business, and making notes on what I would never do when I have my own business.

That made me who I am today in 2024

People who have known me from a young age know that I've always been pretty clear about what I wanted to achieve:

  • Move to the USA or Spain
  • Have my own successful business
  • Travel a lot
  • Have as many dogs as possible
  • Stay single forever

Who knew kiddo-me was such a dream weaver? Flash forward, and ta-da! I've been living the Spanish vida loca since 2015 and bossing a six-figure business since 2020. My passport's filling up faster than my wine glass, I've got three furry BFFs, and my relationship status? Single and not window shopping.

Passionate about helping others

I've always loved helping people, and let's be honest, if you're in the service business, you probably feel the same way. But when I stumbled into the world of online courses, that desire to help went through the roof. I get to show people how to set up their online businesses, so they can work from anywhere and have more time for family or hobbies. Plus, I can help them dodge those common newbie mistakes. It's a win-win, and I absolutely love it.

Just Know How is my course marketing boutique, dedicated to empowering course creators by connecting them with the right audience.

Knowledge is today's ultimate currency, and I'm on a mission to help course creators share their wisdom far and wide. Through tailored solutions, I employ cutting-edge marketing tactics to make your course the talk of the virtual town. As an Official Kajabi Partner, I also bring specialized insights into leveraging this powerful platform to its fullest potential.

At Just Know How, it's all about teamwork, fresh ideas, and genuine integrity. I dig deep to understand your vision and goals, and then craft marketing campaigns that resonate with the people you most want to reach.

Together, we're not just selling courses; we're creating a global network of engaged learners and passionate educators. So yeah, you could say I'm pretty proud of the role Just Know How plays in making the world a smarter place.

From being told at corporate jobs that I am too direct, to clients loving the directness they get when hiring me. 

Being Dutch, I come from a culture that values directness, and let's just say it wasn't everyone's cup of tea in past jobs. But that straightforwardness is part of my DNA—it's how I ensure you get honest, transparent guidance (like a golden retriever). My ultimate goal is your success. So, if you pitch an idea or strategy that, from a marketing standpoint, I believe won't serve you well, I won't sugarcoat it. I'll tell you how you might improve. Of course, I'll do what you ask me to, but if my expertise tells me it's not the best move, you'll hear it from me. So yes, I might be direct, but it's all in the name of helping you succeed.

And all clients shared how much they love this part when working with me! 
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I'm all about

traveling, good food and drinks, dogs everywhere and anytime, candy, swimming pools, Starbucks pumpkin spice coffee and concerts.

I'm not about

Early mornings, going to the gym, endless meetings, corporate vibe, talking before I had my morning coffee


The perfect


 if you want to...

  • Get an extra pair of hands who can manage all the tech & most importantly Marketing stuff for you
  • Streamline your workflow and save time for your friends and family
  • Troubleshoot different aspects of your course & marketing before they hit a snag
  • Someone that brainstorms with you about what exactly to do in your Marketing and Course Creation (and not to do)
  • Make the daunting tasks seem more achievable
  • Focus on the bigger picture while all the exhausting upkeep is being taken care of
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