On the surface, Stephanie is an accomplished online course and mastermind expert. She has launched a course and mastermind herself to know how it really goes from A-to-Z, furthermore joined the two most powerful online courses in the Digital Marketing world: Digital Course Academy from Amy Porterfield and Knowledge Broker Blueprint from Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. You have to learn from the best!


Stephanie is a Marketing Communication and Publishing graduate. Her passion for marketing has never stopped from the day she has chosen this path until now as she persists to grow, evolve, and stay relevant in the industry.


Her devotion to providing assistance to course and mastermind creators worldwide has driven her to establish Just Know How. After years of learning, testing, and implementing various methods, she discovered the perfect strategy to successfully help online course and mastermind creators. 


She is remarkably efficient at her job. She is a certified NLP and Time Management Professional, assuring you collaborate with someone who truly understands your needs and has highly successful project management skills to get the work done efficiently.

About Stephanie

When she is not working you can find her with Mickey and Goofy, her 2 fur babies in the park! She is addicted to traveling, especially to The United States (New York lover), for sure when COVID19 allows it again she will hop on the plane and go somewhere, maybe Bali & Nashville next summer? Daydreaming….

Let's do some confession time: she is crazy about smoothies and chocolate! Mixing healthy with less healthy is a good combination right? ;) 


Fact: Stephanie is from the Netherlands (yes, that is where the Time Management skills come from) and presently living in Spain (she needed sun in her life)....so she also speaks fluent Spanish beside her Dutch and English. 

Okay now really meet Stephanie