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Why People Want to Know The Person Behind a Company and or Brand

When creating a company or brand, your customer and or consumers must know who the mind is behind it. You may believe that this doesn’t affect your sales or your bottom line because the products or services should speak for themselves, but this isn’t the case. People make positive connections and connotations between human presence and the things they value. This is especially true of online courses made by creators, if you want people to trust your course and the information it plans to teach them, you must introduce them to the course creator. Below are some of the reasons why people want to know the mind behind the product.

It Shows The Audience Intention

Human agency cannot be overlooked when marketing your online course, product, or service. People want to see and understand the reason that you made what you did. The ethos behind the product is as important as the product itself. Now in a time when so much of what is being marketed to us is through automated algorithms and technology, people automatically distrust the intention behind it. Course creators can avoid this by introducing themselves to their audience ahead of time and explaining the purpose behind their product. Why have you decided to do this? Why do you think it will help? And why is it important right now?

They Appreciate They Attempt

There’s a reason why the phrase “I appreciated the attempt” is commonly used, that’s because people react to seeing other human beings trying to do something that takes a lot of effort. If a course creator has been trying to give what they see to be invaluable information, sharing that with their audience will help them to get more consumers. Transparency is always helpful in gaining the trust of your audience, and effort transparency help shows them that a lot of thought, time, and energy has been put into making your product the best possible.

Audiences Understand Authenticity

Everyone knows the feeling of buying a product or using a service and having it feel distant and impersonal. Even if you walk away from the experience of having loved the product, you don’t feel that it’s as valuable as when you meet the person who made it and gets to know what they believe themselves. This is why you see a lot of larger companies doing videos where they are dressed down and speaking directly to the audience, it helps the consumers get to know the person, and adds inherent value to the product.

Most of these things can be addressed through marketing, and with the help of a virtual assistant, especially one that has helped other course creators and businesses achieve similar goals. The audience consuming the course, product, or service should know the mind behind the idea. This will help you grow your customer base, and help create lasting loyalty behind previous customers going forward.

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