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Why is Instagram Good for Your Business?

On the surface, you and your virtual assistant may think that utilizing a photo-based social media platform to market the content your online course creators have developed is a waste of time. However, we are here today to encourage you to pause and rethink this assumption. Instagram and other social media outlets are prime space for free and paid advertising with a potential audience reach far greater than traditional marketing strategies.

So, why Instagram? First of all, this platform makes engaging potential customers simple. Users both young and old love the visual appeal of Instagram as well as its simplistic interface. It provides messaging capabilities for direct engagement and can do a lot to showcase both compelling photos detailing the mission of your business and the offerings most representative of your brand.

Let’s take a moment to discuss how choosing the right photos along with compelling captions can make the IG the place to be. Your virtual assistant for course creators have worked hard to create the training courses to take your brand to the next level, therefore equal care should be taken when creating your post.

Showstopping photos are what makes Instagram so engaging. We are sure many of you spend a portion of your days scrolling through the photos on this app. When using Insta for advertising, your photo(s) should be clear, sharp, and thought-provoking. Make those potential customers stop in their tracks to look and see what you have to offer.

An eye-catching photo may get people to stop the scroll, but your caption can close the deal. Provoke engagement with what you have to say. Ask a question or use another hook to get them to pay attention. Ask for a like or comment, and then make that call-to-action (CTA). No matter whether it is you or your virtual assistant who is managing your social media presence, making the most out of each post will make the most for your ROI.

Instagram is also a great marketing tool because, by nature, it is mobile. IG is an app that is designed to be used on mobile devices, meaning you can get exposure to the content designed by your online course creators anywhere and everywhere, no matter what time it is. With this in mind, developing a mobile-friendly storefront and website for your business can make closing the deal seamless.

Seamless also describes the integration that occurs with Instagram and Facebook. When you make a post on one, you can automatically post on the other one, giving yourself dual reach with one mouse click. Additionally, you can use paid advertising on Instagram (and Facebook) to target potential customers and retarget those with who you may not have recently engaged. Retargeting can get those who may have abandoned their carts on your website to circle back and finally make the buy.

We can’t encourage you enough to make sure you and your virtual assistant are active on social media and especially Instagram. These platforms can provide unlimited growth potential for your business.

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