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What Is The Difference Between A Membership And an Online Course?

Trying to figure out what type of website is best for your business between a membership site or an online course creator's site can be difficult. Often people jump right into creating a members-only website without actually taking the time to realize what is involved in doing so.

This ultimately, for most, leads to wasted time, energy, and, most importantly, money. There is a big difference between the two of them which is why it's critical to figure out which one fits your business or brand best before you pay anyone for any work. From virtual assistant course creators to online course creators and web designers, the cost of building your website can skyrocket quickly.

Today, we wanted to look at the differences between a membership site and an online course site so that you can better decide which one is best for your business.

What's a membership site?

A membership site is a website that gives a person access to exclusive content, tools, or even products and other benefits that are included with a monthly subscription fee they pay to be a member.

If their payment were to fail, then their membership is canceled, and they no longer have access to the tools you're offering on your website. Due to a membership site's nature, the content and any courses you offer created by virtual assistant online course creators or otherwise are not available to the customer after their membership is canceled.

They really ask you to show up monthly and you really need to keep on providing valuable content so that people stay in the membership!

What's an online course?

Online courses are simple and easy (well once they are online;)). They are structured to have a beginning and end to the course with a specific lesson/end goal in sight. Online course creators structure their business so that as many people as possible sign up for the particular courses without requiring that they become members.

This way, they are maximizing the profit potential of their business. Many online course creators also offer lifetime access to the courses you complete through their brand or website. Taking this approach to your website allows you to create more organic traffic because your course videos can also be turned into promotional videos for your upcoming courses.

Creating an online course site means you are not dependent on trying to advertise to build membership, but instead can take the time to build out your courses, create new ones, and grow your brand faster.

Once you figure out which type of site is best for your business, it's time to start building and growing your brand! Whether it's a membership site or online courses, find the one that fits you best and share your talents with the world!

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