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What are Good Lead Magnets?

As a business owner, increasing engagement with your target audience and existing customers is a marketing goal that is continually being worked towards. This is because, in theory, more traffic to your site means more business, and more business means a better ROI. With this being said, if increased traffic volume isn’t converting to increased sales volume, it is time to implement a new strategy.

One of the best ways that we have found to generate new leads for your business is a lead magnet. This time-tested method has been part of many successful marketing campaigns. In short, a lead magnet works like provide a potential client with something at no cost to them in exchange for them providing their email address and permitting you to continue to contact them and send things. If done well, it is highly effective in building your customer base.

As companies diversify their offerings to expand their businesses, one of these marketable commodities is creating and selling online training courses. Becoming online course creators with the help of a virtual assistant can get business booming, and giving potential clients a free sample of this online content as a lead magnet can get them coming back again and again to purchase more of your knowledge.

To develop the most marketable courses and make that digital content a hot commodity, a virtual assistant for online course creators must know your target audience and how to connect with them both in lead magnets to first get them to sign up and then in carefully crafting course content that connects to their needs.

If you are working with your virtual assistant for course creators to develop the most marketable lead magnets and content, it is imperative that you know what digital content is selling in your marketing niche. Take the time to search to see what people are paying for because if they are willing to pay for content from a forum like Kindle Marketplace, they should be very excited to sign up for free content from you.

When online course creators are designing your content and lead magnets, it can be incredibly helpful to research what people don’t want as well. Look at reviews for competing content, and see what people complained about. Then, use this knowledge to avoid those pitfalls and turn-offs, whether it is in course organization and topics or lead magnet language. Google Analytics can also be a fantastic tool to see what searches and topics are trending.

As you know, growing a business is continuous hard work, but good lead magnets can be a significant difference-maker. At the end of the day, if your lead magnet catches the attention of your prime type of customer so that they sign-up with you and links back to your primary product or online course offerings to convert them to paying clients, you are going to set yourself up for successful business growth.

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