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The Top 5 tools for a VA (and Course Creator)

As a Virtual Assistant, there are many skills that you must have knowledge of. But in this blog, we'll go over the 5 top tools you need to work and flourish as a VA. These skills will help you rise to the top in a sea of qualified candidates and help you get the jobs you rightly deserve. Below are the 5 top stools you should know for a Virtual Assistant and why they make your job and your life easier once you have a handle on them.

ClickUp ClickUp is a platform that works within the cloud, synthesizing all business applications, projects for clients, and documents in a centralized location. It allows you to work with other team members concurrently on whatever maybe your team's focus. It brings a single technological solution, so things don't get lost in the mess that is email and GChat. It's generally used as a processing, task, and time management solution that organizes duties and creates calendars to get the work done on time. Your clients will appreciate it because it's direct, contextual, and secure, and you will appreciate it because it keeps all the information in one easy-to-access location.

Slack Slack is the platform for go-to secure, private, and localized communication. It offers IRC-style features, meaning Internet Relay Chat or real-time communication between employees of the same company. It organizes chat rooms by topic and task, and it also gives space for secure direct messaging. Slack is essential for VAs to understand when working with assigned sensitive projects and need reliable private communication. Clockify Every boss you will ever work under as a VA will want hours tracked by their employees, and keeping accurate track of those is can be difficult. With Clockify, you can log time in a timesheet and manage time in a calendar. In addition, Clockify helps take some of the weight off you as it tracks other employees' time spent on the project versus time spent on other websites. Active Campaign This software company supplies businesses with customer experience automation, called CXA. It merges email marketing with sales automation as well as customer relations marketing. It helps companies understand their web analytics as wells as their lead scoring advertisements and or products. Active Campaign is critical to know as a VA because when working within a company, the customer relationship management will often fall to you, and even if it doesn't understand, it will make you vital to the business's success. Canva Canva is a platform used to create graphic designs, presentations, social media graphics, and other forms of visual content. As a Virtual Assistant, Canva makes it easy to show your initiative because they provide templates for users. Like this giving you the ability to take on visual projects that may be outside of your wheelhouse otherwise.

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