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The 4 Main Features of Kajabi

If you’re in the business of knowledge you’ve probably heard of Kajabi, the #1 online platform helping educators create a

business around their online courses and grow their consumer base. If you’re new to course creation or new to Kajabi, we’re here to help explain. In this blog, we’ll go over the main features of Kajabi, and how it’s helping millions grow their course membership, sell their online courses, and digital products, as well as increase their membership numbers.

Email Marketing Made Easy

A sure-fire way to increase your membership and reach more interested parties is through email blasts and marketing. Kajabi gives its users the chance to create email broadcasts that are sent to everyone on an educator’s mailing lists and also allow creators to send email sequences, where information is sent to subscribers. Email broadcasts are there to lead possible subscribers towards your site, without seeming pushy and email sequences help to create stronger engagement with current subscribers all leading to more students for your courses.


One of the easiest ways, aside from email marketing, to gain followers and build a consumer base is through podcasts. Having a daily or weekly podcast allows creators to connect with their followers and share current up-to-date information. Almost all knowledge commerce businesses have a podcast and for good reason. It’s an easy and succinct way for course creators to make money as they share their knowledge. Many other platforms can distribute podcasts that will help gain followers and likes, but without ad revenue, but creators won’t see any monetary gain. Kajabi recently launched Podcasts on their platform, allowing creators to manage and distribute podcasts whilst monetizing them.


Showing consumers the mind behind the course helps to increase digital sales and membership, and with Kajabi you can include informational videos as well as introduce yourself as an expert. To do this Kajabi has partnered with Wistia, a company that helps businesses share videos securely. All videos shared with Kajabi are encrypted, which is important to protect your business against information theft and copyright infringement.

The Pipeline Option

Once you’ve gathered interested parties, it’s important to have a pipeline to convert them into paying customers. This happens both through the email marketing tactics previously mentioned as well as well-designed landing pages with active links that lead to subscriptions and purchases. Kajabi does this by integrating PayPal and Stripe into websites, so customers are gently led to purchasing digital products as well as signing up for different levels of membership. Each level of membership is a different price and gives the consumer varying levels of access to your courses.

When educators and course creators opt to work with Kajabi, they are given allowed the time to focus on the content, while the platform designs the flow of links leading to increased sales and membership. The knowledge business couldn’t be more important, especially in a time when so many of us are staying home and trying to better ourselves. Kajabi is a platform that’s giving control back to the creators as they build their business and share their wealth of knowledge with the world.

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