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My Favorite Editing Tools For Your Online Courses

When it comes to online course creation, the are so many tools that many people claim are the best to use to build customer conversions and increase retention. The market is flooded with them, and while there are some powerful options out there to help optimize your videos through technology, graphics, and more, there are two that stand out above the rest.

Today, we what is about our top two editing tools that make them our favorite and how they can help with your membership creation and virtual assistant capabilities.


Canva is one of our favorite editing tools to help create your online courses for many reasons. It’s not just a high-powered editing tool to add customized graphics to your courses. Canva has a massive amount of design tools right at your fingertips that take little time at all to create. Your membership creation and virtual assistant capabilities thrive when you have exceptional, high-quality graphics in your online videos.

With Canva, you get innovative graphics with a few simple clicks designed to drag and drop right into your editing software. Course creation, as you know, is a full-time job, and doing it effectively is critical to your success. Utilizing this revolutionary graphics creation platform, you can create cross-promotional branding through everything from your online courses to your printed graphics.


When you’re first starting out in course creation for your brand, you can get lost in learning a complicated new video editing software. And let’s face it unless your niche is in video editing, chances are you’ve never touched video editing software in your life. With Kapwing, you get access to ultra-powerful, free online video software that’s perfect for beginners and professionals.

This is our favorite editing software for those that are trying to grow their brand successfully. This program is high-speed and packed with what seems like an endless amount of fancy options for any kind of course creation you could ever need. Most professional editing programs require you to have a completely decked-out computer to run and process the video in real-time; Kapwing doesn’t. It’s designed for speed no matter what kind of computer you have.

Kapwing works on any device as long as you can access the internet. Editing on the subway while you’re on your way out the door or from home in your office studio with ease. The entire editing suite is cloud-based, so there’s no downloading and installing an editing program that’s going to eat into your hard drive space.

If you’re using both of these tools in conjunction with each other, they have seamless integration with the graphics and video. Create truly remarkable graphics that add pop and style to your online courses while ensuring that you’re engaging your viewers every step of the way.

No matter where you are at in your journey to growing your brand online, be sure that you take advantage of the power-packed within both of these revolutionary editing tools!

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