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Kajabi Virtual Assistant

As a Kajabi Virtual Assistant, I help course creators with different tasks. Since 2020 I have worked daily on Kajabi for myself and my clients. Since 2021 I can officially call myself a Kajabi Partner, so trust I know a thing or two about the platform. Also, read my other post about why choosing Kajabi is a good idea here!

What can a Kajabi Virtual Assistant do for you?

That depends on your needs. In this article, I will just go over what I do for my clients in Kajabi. However, Kajabi is an easy-to-use platform if you want to do it yourself or need to because of budget; for sure, check out their helpdesk if you are stuck!

Creating a Sales Page on Kajabi

On Kajabi, you can either choose to create a sales page via the landing page options or the pipeline (now funnels) option. Both work the same, so that depends on your needs. I mostly create it for clients via de Landing page option.

I create the sales page for their online product, whether this is a course, membership, or coaching program. With my marketing skills and course industry experience, I know how to create a well-converting sales page. I create the layout, make sure the design is aligned with your brand, create the structure of where what copy should be, and so on.

Once the copy is written, I will make sure to add that on the page, the same as the correct images, videos, and pricing.

Creating an Opt-in Page on Kajabi

An opt-in page is mostly used to get people on an email list or sign up for an event (webinar, masterclass etc...). This is a very good strategy, especially when you give them something for free, such as a download or free mini-course. The opt-in page needs to be short and simple. Triggering enough, so people sign up and also easy. That is what I always take care of for my clients.

Adding Course Content or Uploading the Podcast on Kajabi

Uploading course content or your podcast on Kajabi is not something you need to have a lot of Kajabi knowledge for. But it takes time and a couple of details to think about and look for. This time my clients can spend better on creating the content or anything else. I always take this task over from them, but also ensure that the design from the course and podcast episode looks good for the visitors.

Email marketing in Kajabi

The email marketing options in Kajabi you for sure cannot compare with an email marketing platform such as Convertkit or Active Campaign. However, it does the trick, especially when you are okay with basic but strong automation options, which, especially in the beginning, is more than enough. It depends on your goals. Just contact me if you want to ask me more about it. For my clients, I help them connect the email sequence to the opt-in, course, podcast etc... the need. I make sure the connection is strong, the sequence is set up correctly, and the right kind of emails are being sent.

Your website on Kajabi

If you do not have a website yet, and you have chosen Kajabi, make full use of it and create your website there. However, if you do have a website already, for example, on WordPress or Wix, I suggest keeping it there. When clients need a website and like to have this on Kajabi, I create this for them, ensure the marketing triggers are implemented correctly, the UX is good, and, of course, all aligned with your brand. I do the design and help the clients know what kind of copy we need and where. Once it is written, I make sure to put it online.

Virtual Assistant for Kajabi

As you have read, there is a lot a virtual assistant can do; there is so much more I do on Kajabi. However all the details I will not explain here. If you put your online business on Kajabi or already have it, make sure to choose if you have the time and motivation to do it all yourself or to hire someone who will do it. If you do, ensure they are experienced with Marketing, Kajabi, and the Course Industry! You can also, of course, contact me. Happy to answer your questions.

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