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How To Keep Your Audience Engaged Until Your Digital Course Launch

You've been thinking about building a new digital course. You're so proud of your ideas, but you can't help but feel anxious about the launch process.

After all, what if no one buys your course? What if all the time invested into creating content and marketing your latest creation is for nothing? What happens to that content you spent so much time working on?

To put your mind at ease and make sure you get the most out of your course, here are some ideas to keep your audience engaged until you launch your digital course.

6 Ways To Keep Your Audience Engaged Until Your Digital Course Launch

  • Start sharing content bit by bit.

The best way to keep them there is to help them through their learning process and ensure they are interested in learning what you want them to learn. But how do you do this? By creating small chunk content like social media posts, email newsletters, short 15-second video clips, podcasts, etc. Why? This can help you keep your audience engaged and enthusiastic while you create your course. You want to ensure you create content that keeps their eyes glued on what you have to offer. Avoid not creating content because you’re waiting for your course to be online. Creating tiny pieces of content is an opportunity to learn about what your audience likes or doesn’t like.

  • Do a 30 to 60 pre-launch runway.

This is the ultimate way to activate your audience, grow your email list, and build momentum before you launch your course. Your prelaunch runway gives you a more strategic plan that directly aligns your content to your course because this is also the time you’ll gather content ideas to create your course content. You must keep feeding your audience content that gets them from where they are to where they want to be. In your weekly content, be mindful of what you’re putting out by first identifying your ideal customer and their pain points. This is also a great opportunity to test some content and see how your audience responds.

  • Gain clarity by asking questions

Ask yourself…..“What should be in place for your audience to jump on your course?” “What mindset shifts does your audience need to make to take action on your course?” “Where are your audience in the customer journey, and where do they need to go?” You can do this through bit-sized tutorials in your weekly content such as blogs, social media, and emails.

  • Tell stories

You can keep your audience engaged until your digital course launch by telling stories. Stories are a powerful way to communicate, and they're especially effective for building trust with your customers. Stories are also a great way to teach and learn, but they’re even more powerful when you use them to motivate people to take action. The best part is you don't need to be an expert writer to tell stories. Here are some storytelling examples:

  1. Case Study - This story shows the benefits of using the XYZ tool or method and how it helped someone else achieve their goals. You don’t have to do this yourself, but you should be able to articulate why this tool or method works for you. You could also share some before-and-after stats that show progress made from using the tool or method.

  2. Testimonial - This is a story about someone who used XYZ tool or method and shared their results with you on social media or via email (or both). These types of stories are great because they’re from real people who have already made significant progress with something so that they can give you some credibility as well.

  3. Behind the scenes - Take your audience behind the scenes so you can bring them along the journey of creating your digital course with you and also invite your audience to help you shape it.

  • Keep your audience aware of your digital course launch.

Hint that you have a program coming along. You can tell them “I’m launching my course in three months”. Have conversations with your audience to set them up in readiness for your course launch. This helps in building their expectations and also to start saving towards it. This is a good way to tease your audience about your course.

  • Create a waitlist

You can keep your audience engaged until your digital course launch by creating a waitlist. What is a waitlist? A waitlist lists people waiting to buy your product or attend your event. It's like a pre-order system, and this lets you know that there is interest in what you're doing and allows you to promote the offer further when it goes live.

By offering your customers the ability to sign up for something before it's available, you'll not only increase their interest in your product or service but also help them feel like they're part of something special. Let your audience sign up and give them juicy updates about your course. You can segment their emails and tell them about the scenes process. You can create 30 to 60 pre-launch runway email series with weekly content.


We all understand that launching a new product is hard. You need to tease your audience enough so they will be excited about the launch, build their interest and excitement without giving too much away, and make sure it all builds upwards until your big day. With that in mind, we hope that the advice in this article will serve you well on the day of your digital course launch!

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