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11 Best Course Platforms

In today's technology-driven world, many peoplare looking for better ways to learn and share knowledge. Online courses have emerged as popular forms of education, and they are also one of the fastest-growing areas of personal development and education around the globe.

Since so much of our lives are now lives online, it is a good idea to take some time and research the best platforms that you can use to pursue your educational goals. A sound course management system should offer many advantages. However, every platform does not necessarily meet your needs. If you're looking for the best option, you need some unbiased information to help you find the perfect course platform for your needs. So we've put together our list of 11 best online course platforms to decide what's best for you.


As one of the leading providers of massive open online courses, Coursera collaborates with universities and organizations all around the world to offer a variety of in-depth courses to students, both for payment and for free. Instructors from prestigious businesses and institutions like Stanford, Yale, and Princeton are responsible for instructing these university-level courses and certification programs.

Coursera offers about a thousand free courses, many of which feature recorded video lectures from professionals at prestigious universities and companies. After the course, the majority of these courses offer certificates of completion.

And you can enroll in one of the Professional Certificates programs if you want to start a new job or change your existing one. Professional Certificates also consist of a series of courses, but they differ from Specializations in that the organization that created the course will provide the Certificate of Completion.

Finally, there are accredited, top-tier universities that offer online degree programs. The biggest benefit of earning your degree online is that it is significantly less expensive than programs offered on campus. Additionally, you can finish your degree more quickly by studying at your own pace.

A subscription to Coursera Plus, an annual package that offers unrestricted access to over 90% of courses, Professional Certificates, and Specializations, can be an excellent decision if you intend to take numerous courses. You are free to enroll in as many courses as you want, and you will receive a Course Certificate for each one you finish.


One of the most well-known online learning platforms, Udemy provides courses in a variety of professional sectors as well as courses for developing certain skills that qualified instructors teach. Both free and paid curriculum is available in these online courses.

Subject matter experts have an easy way to put together materials like PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, and YouTube videos into a cohesive course experience thanks to the Udemy platform. After that, you can upload your works to the Udemy marketplace and promote them using a variety of methods.

Udemy is "free" for teachers; the business generates revenue by keeping 50% of the proceeds from the sale of your course. You keep 97% of any sales you make (Udemy charges a 3% processing fee). Depending on the level of specialization, Udemy's paid courses range in price from $13 to $500, with regular discounts and class offers.

Remember that you must set your Udemy course prices in $5 increments between $20 and $200 at the moment (source).

Students using the platform can use Udemy to create their own courses out of lessons. The vast user base of Udemy allows experts in many different industries to design and publish their courses for students.


Thinkific offers a fantastic student experience. It has simple connectors with Stripe and other checkout providers to make taking payments simple and has a highly knowledgeable support team.

With the Thinkific App store, you can quickly integrate a wide range of other platforms with the app store to assist you in building more memorable learning experiences and effectively marketing your courses.

Another feature is Thinkific Communities, which have lately undergone a big update and improvement. Now, you may sell rich communities as a product with or without courses, in addition to adding them to your courses.

Key Features:

  • You can present your course material to students worldwide live and in real-time with Live Lessons & Cohorts.

  • You may completely customize the look and feel of your courses thanks to advanced customization features.

  • Without any design or coding knowledge, website themes allow you to quickly and easily build a website that looks professional.

  • Your learners can collaborate to participate in communities and memberships.

  • You can monitor your learners' progress and find out where they might need extra help by using progress tracking.

  • Your students can show their understanding and development with assessments and certificates.


One of the top sources for online courses at the college level is edX. Harvard and MIT established the company, and the courses are of the highest caliber. The majority of the courses on edX are free to take, excluding the professional education courses.

You must sign up for the paid version if you wish to gain access to graded assignments and receive a certificate upon completion. Your certificate can be incorporated into your LinkedIn profile or CV.

More than 2,500 courses are available through edX. Although English is the language used for most courses, some are offered in Chinese, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, etc.

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes are all available. Assignments and text and video information are frequently included in the coursework. Additionally, there are class discussions where you can engage in conversation with other students and ask questions. Group projects are assigned in some courses. Any edX course is available for download for offline viewing.


To market, sell, and distribute your information online, Kajabi bills itself as "the one system you need." A significant component of the puzzle is the sale of online courses. In addition to selling courses, you can also sell memberships, training portals, file downloads, and just about any other kind of digital commodity you can think of.

This may be overwhelming for many folks who only wish to sell online courses and already have a website and marketing resources. However, if you don't have such things or wish to consolidate everything, Kajabi might be the perfect solution. And over the past two years, Kajabi has made significant efforts to introduce additional capabilities, such as a fully functional email marketing system and the capacity to allow scheduling coaching sessions.

The company is now more capable than ever of building websites and online courses thanks to its web page builder features. With Kajabi Email's robust visual editor, you can quickly generate emails that are visually appealing and very effective. Every plan comes with email and the ability to create web pages.

Kajabi is available for a free 30-day trial. Kajabi pricing begins at $149 monthly ($119 if paid annually) after a premium plan is activated.


When it comes to online education and learning, Udacity embodies originality, and it’s renowned worldwide for its Nanodegree programs.

A Nanodegree program focuses on the project- and skill-based learning. A collection of courses covering subjects like Artificial Intelligence, Coding, Robotics, Mobile Programming, Business, and Data Science make up each Nanodegree. The majority of programs can be finished in 3–6 months. All Nanodegree students can receive one-on-one technical mentoring from Udacity.

Although Udacity is not an accredited university, the skills they teach are current, in-demand, and actively sought after by companies. Udacity's cost is high in comparison to other online learning environments. A Nanodegree program typically costs between $1200 to $2400 but if you pay for several months in advance, you will receive a discount.

For business executives who need to quickly learn about difficult topics like artificial intelligence and deploy them in their organizations, Udacity also provides executive programs (usually a few weeks). A personal career counselor, technical mentor support, project reviews from top industry professionals, and a learning roadmap that allows for independent learning are all included in the cost of executive programs, which average roughly $1500 per month.


Try Teachable if you're looking for a quick and simple course builder. Since it's one of the least expensive options and simple to use, I think it's ideal for newbies dabbling their noses into the world of courses.

On this platform, the user experience is excellent. Your goal can be as simple as creating your own course, picking a subject, or developing an audience. You can also change how your courses appear and function with a few clicks.

Key Features:

  • Anyone can teach, use Teachable and impart their skills on a global scale.

  • Teachable makes it simple to create a page that turns visitors into customers. You make beautiful, lucrative sales pages to aid in the sale of your courses.

  • You can feel secure knowing that your data is always safe and secure by using payment providers that are PCI level-1 compliant. Teachable handles all the back-end labor, leaving you free to concentrate on what matters most—teaching your students.

  • To connect to your domain, utilize theirs, or get going right away, use Teachable's built-in domain.

  • From your Teachable account, you could schedule and host webinars, talk live to your students, and more. Connect with your students in fresh ways.

  • Set up online classes that fit your hectic schedule. Finding the time to educate is simple with Teachable.


Podia can be a fantastic platform for you if you wish to sell digital content online. Podia could adapt based on your needs with possibilities like selling courses and downloads, conducting webinars, and establishing a community.

Podia is a user-friendly e-learning platform that enables you to design, host, and market your courses. Live chat messaging is supported, and you can effectively control students with the aid of this platform.

The ability to manage your affiliate program inside of Podia is an additional fantastic feature. All of your affiliates can be viewed in one location, useful reporting can be viewed, and payouts can be made using a commission system that you create yourself.

Last but not least, Podia also has a free plan that enables you to use its website builder to make a website that enhances your offering.

Key Features:

  • Online courses can be created with audio files, links, PDFs, videos, photos, and more.

  • It gives you the option to combine related courses.

  • Podia offers real-time previews.

  • You can access courses from a tablet, smartphone, desktop, and other devices.

  • You can provide or deny a specific user access to material.

  • It makes managing learners easier for you.

  • You can control website elements the way you like.


Several years ago, LinkedIn purchased Lynda, one of the first e-learning websites, and moved all of its content to LinkedIn Learning as its platform.

The business provides hundreds of innovative courses for beginners to experts on various topics like product marketing, economics, software programming, Web development, and business management.

For a single monthly subscription fee, you can access all of the content on LinkedIn Learning. The courses' bite-sized modules promote better information absorption. Any course may be downloaded from LinkedIn Learning for offline viewing, something I consider to be incredibly handy.

Most courses come with a Certificate of Completion that you may subsequently add to your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn Learning is a good platform for advancing your career or achieving professional objectives. By registering for a one-month free trial, you can join the platform if you're interested.


A free online learning platform called Alison offers a number of subject areas like IT, language, health, and science. It offers a cutting-edge network of learning institutions.

Alison features free online courses created by experts across a variety of professions for training and upskilling. The website provides content designed with learners of all categories in heart, including students, job seekers, and others.

Managers, professionals, teachers, and independent contractors are just a few of the diverse groups of students it serves. To monitor your academic progress, you can follow each of your courses in Alison.

Worldwide accessibility and a variety of course styles, such as certificate and diploma programs, are features of Alison. It also supports languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, and others and enables you to find various courses for a particular vocation.


One of the most well-known online learning platforms is Skillshare. Project-based learning, which Skillshare advocates, allows learners to expand their creativity and use new abilities in real-world situations. Every course consists of two components: a class project and a video presentation, which typically lasts between 20 and 60 minutes.

Although Skillshare offers a ton of excellent courses, please take into account that none of them are certified by any organization, and the site does not issue certificates of completion. It's a place to broaden your knowledge and acquire new talents, not to gain a degree.

With a Premium Membership, you have unrestricted access to all of Skillshare's classes. Additionally, you can take part in Live Sessions and Workshops on Skillshare that renowned educators lead. You can download every course in the library, allowing you to continue learning even while