Quick Steps Guide - Founding Members for your Course Launch

Going out on a limb and building something that may or may not sell. Not knowing how to validate the idea or if the idea is unique and has market demand.

The information in this guide will walk you through how to validate your course with your customers, give your tribe a chance to invest at the ground level, and provide you with the confidence that they’re willing to pay for what you’ll be creating. They just need a little nudge!

To learn more about how to validate your course using Founding Members, download this guide!


Quick Steps Guide - Founding Members Pre Sell Strategy.

The 30-Day Pre-Launch Runway Guide

Not knowing what to do when you open your cart up for members to buy.

Your customers will think they are getting into just another course membership, and will expect more of the same… but you know better!

You’ve spent hours working on your business, making the course, and preparing for the big launch.

This guide helps you to get step-by-step instructions on how to implement the Founding Members Pre-Sell Strategy.


Quick Steps Guide - Map out your Pre-Launch Runway


Launching can be stressful, and many symptoms of this stress include self-doubt and overwhelm. And then there’s the pressure of getting it all done as fast as possible.

Remember, building your launch takes time, but don’t let that make you rush it. Feedback is a great tool for identifying blind spots and generating ideas to add to your launch plan.

Whom should you ask for feedback? How do you find the right people? Which platforms are best for which kinds of feedback? It depends on your goals, so think about whom you need help from most depending on those goals. Also, think about how you might deliver your content in a format that makes sense for them too. Download the guide now!


Guide: How to Find Your Va!

Once you have a VA, the only thing you will be asking yourself: ¨Why did I not do this any earlier!¨

You ARE Ready for a Virtual Assistant! Download this guide to find out WHERE to find them!