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Course Boutique

Since 2020, I've been the go-to solution for course creators looking to elevate their reach. Not only do I craft bespoke marketing strategies tailored to your unique content, but I also handle all the heavy lifting for you. From designing captivating pages and funnels to crafting persuasive emails and optimizing the course product presentation, I've got you covered.  Don't let your courses go unnoticed – trust me to take your marketing to the next level.

Tailored Solutions Just for You

At Just Know How Course Marketing Boutique, I offer three tailored options to make your course creation journey a breeze. Whether you're seeking personalized guidance through the 1:1 Coaching Project, a step-by-step guide with the 3-Month A-Z Course Creation Project, or a custom solution with the Tailor Made package, I got you!

1:1 Course Coaching

The 1:1 Coaching Project offers course creators individualized guidance. I work directly with you, providing expertise and feedback, ensuring your course stands out. From idea refinement to launch strategies, get personalized support tailored to your unique needs and aspirations. Transform your vision into a successful course with expert insights.

Starting at $110 per hour

Cozy Winter

Tailor Made Packages

Tailor Made packages offer a bespoke solution for course creators. Understanding that each creator has unique needs, I design a package specifically for you, encompassing aspects from content structure to marketing tactics. Whether it's a blend of coaching and guidance or specific interventions, get a custom approach for your course journey. Crafted just for you!

Starting at $1000

3-Month A-Z Course Creation Project

The 3-Month A-Z Course Creation Project provides a comprehensive roadmap for course creators. Over 12 weeks, I guide you through every phase: from conceptualization and content development to marketing and launch strategies. This systematic approach ensures a polished, effective course, maximizing its potential for success. Dive deep, and launch with confidence!

Starting at $1800

Before Just Know How

Unsure how to promote your course
Overwhelmed by the technical details of setting up sales pages and funnels
Spending too much time trying to craft the perfect email campaign
Struggling to reach the right audience
Feeling lost amidst the vast competition
Using the wrong focus in your copy
Not informed by the small details that make your course even better
No on-demand Course Marketing Expert to reach out to

After Just Know How

Clear, effective + proven course marketing strategy tailored for your course.
Professional-looking pages and funnels, are all set up for you.
Engaging email campaigns that resonate with potential learners.
Increased visibility and reach to the right audience.
Peace of mind, knowing you're ahead of the competition.
On-demand course marketing expert to reach out to

Is this what I need?

Course marketing is the perfect solution for you if you're looking to attract more students, increase enrollment, and maximize the impact of your courses. Whether you're an educator, coach, or business owner, my course marketing services can help you develop and execute a tailored marketing strategy that reaches your target audience and drives results. 


I specialize in crafting engaging and effective campaigns that build credibility, establish trust, and ultimately convert potential students into loyal customers. So if you're ready to take your courses to the next level you are at the correct spot!


Ready to explore how we can collaborate?

Why Just Know How?

Choosing Just Know How Course Boutique for your course needs means you'll benefit from a course expert who brings a wealth of diverse experience and expertise to the table. I work closely with you, and I love personal contact and being like one of your team! Together we develop and execute tailored course strategies that meet your unique needs and achieve their desired outcomes.

Where did I learn from? I studied Marketing but I also followed courses from Amy Porterfield, Dean Graziosi, and Growth Tribe. I stay on TOP of my game in this online course and marketing world!

And because of that I have also become an official Kajabi Expert, so yes I really do know my stuff!

But most importantly, I am a no-bullshit course  boutique. I do not make promises that do not make sense, I am transparent and always doing what works for you and not how I can invoice more!

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What is Just Know How not?

A Designer 

While I'm not strictly a designer-focused entity, I take pride in the design work I've done. Feel free to explore my sneak peek page for a glimpse of my capabilities. However, for those moments when you're seeking that exceptional touch, I believe professional designers can truly elevate the outcome. So, if it's a uniquely crafted design you're after, I'd always recommend consulting with a specialized designer who will advise you on that also.

Your Course Creator


Let me clarify.

I am here as your Course Marketing Expert and guide, not your Course Creator. The creation part, like making videos and workbooks, rests on you because it's based on your unique knowledge. I'm here to help with crucial aspects of marketing and guide your course's direction. But the actual content? That's all you!

I worked with Stephanie over the last six months to create and launch my course and it was the best experience. I am so happy I found her and don’t know how I would have done this without her. She literally helped me with everything as it related to the course. In our initial call, she helped me decide on the best course platform to use and then made a project plan for everything. As I started recording, she edited and combined my slides and audio into my videos. She set up my kajabi with all my course details, loaded everything, connected it and did all the necessary set up. I wouldn’t even know the first thing about how to begin and if it wasn’t for her this course would not be here. She is so easy to work with and was always available for everything that I needed even though we are in different time zones.  She is extremely responsible, responsive and professional. I can’t recommend her more!! 



Inna Topiler MS, CNS 
Owner Complete Nutrition And Wellness
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